ballistic missile foil tournament saturday jan 13

thank you to everyone who attended our “ballistic missile foil tournament” saturday jan 13.
please visit our facebook page for the event.
thank you to gabriel for coming on time.
thank you finnley’s parents for refreshments.
congratulations aaron on gold.
thank you to the scorekeepers, referees, and judges, including parents of piper and micah.
thank you to those who helped set up and break down.
thank you to micah for collecting registration.
thank you to the competitors: piper, katelyn, micah, finnley, ian, gabriel, keith m, and aaron.
spectators and prospective new fencers in attendance: sam, kingston, preston, and aidan. thank you finnley and gabriel for helping teach them.
1. aaron
2. ian
3. finnley
4. micah
5. keith m
6. katelyn
7. piper
8. gabriel
summary of the afternoon:
those who were on time (gabriel) and mostly on time got a short lesson on refereeing and judging.
two pools of four.
after the pools, keith dropped out to attend a previous engagement so we had a direct elimination with seven, matches to five points.
micah’s opponent would have been keith, so micah had a bye into the final four.
finnley bested katelyn, five to two, to make the four.
in the semi-final, top seed ian beat micah, five to three, to make the final while in the other bout, second seed aaron edged finnley, five to four.
finnley beat micah, five to three, for the bronze.
the finalists, ian and aaron, asked if they could fence rapier instead of foil in the final, and the bout committee said okay.
rapier rules for the gold medal match: fenced on the strip (not in the round); cuts allowed; blocking with the non-weapon hand allowed; doubles mean one point to each fencer.
aaron beat ian, five to three.