salle honolulu epee tournament saturday jan 6, 2018


thank you to everyone who attended our epee tournament saturday jan 6.
remember that we’re doing it again this coming saturday, except this time we’re fencing foil. competitors please rsvp and come early.
thank you finnley’s parents for the refreshments.
thank you roeland for repairing the club gear.
thank you katelyn’s parents for the spectator chairs.
thank you to those who showed up early: rebecca, sarah, and katelyn.
congratulations rebecca for winning.
congratulations sarah for winning the kids division.
thank you sarah, katelyn, and phaelen’s husband mike for scorekeeping.
thank you everyone who stepped up to referee.
thank you finnley and piper’s sister hailey for presenting the awards.
thank you katelyn, sarah, and others who helped set up.
thank you roeland, phaelen, and others who helped break down.
thank you to the competitors: piper, katelyn, sarah, micah (first time fencing epee), finnley (back in town for christmas break), owen (about to be awarded eagle scout), phaelen, rebecca, john (visiting from the east coast), and roeland.
young spectators and prospective new fencers in attendance: sam, kingston, and preston.
not able to make it due to surgery on his shoulder friday: Keith L.
get well soon.
top finishers:
1. rebecca
2. owen
3. finnley
top kids:
1. sarah
2. katelyn
3. piper
those who were on time and mostly on time got a short lesson on scorekeeping and refereeing.
we combined adults and kids, males and females.
two pools, a large one for the fencers on time and mostly on time, and a small one for the fencers who were late.
two fencers dropped out so we had a final table (tableau) of eight.
we fenced off for third
photos by owen’s family